Marco Buehler är en tysk cyklist som kör för Canyons MTB-sektion. I fjol höll han en uppskattad enduroclinic under Scandinavian Outdoor Games och i år är han tillbaka för att med sin kollega Tobi Müller hålla mountainbikeclinics med inriktning mot enduro och downhill.
Bilden på Marco är tagen av Hans Berggren ( under fjolårets enduroclinic.

Could you tell us a bit about your current riding situation. On the Canyon website they mention a ”junior enduro project” called The Canyon Enduro Rider. What is this?
The Canyon Factory Enduro Team is the professional team that focuses on the Enduro World Series. Tobi and me, we are the young guns... We focuse on the European Enduro Series and on regional races.

Since this is your second time in Falun we are naturally very curious about how you experienced last years visit and what your thoughts are for this years race?
I'm so happy to come back to Falun! The race last year was really cool, i enjoyed the stages, they varied a lot, everyone was relaxed and happy to race.

You are holding some enduro clinics on saturday before the race. For everyone that won’t be able to participate in them, what would you say is the most important thing to focus on in enduro racing besides ”stay on the bike and have fun”?
It's all about consistency. You don't win a race in one corner or jump. Over many hours the hole package has to work with enough food and water, with the right bike setup and for sure with a good speed over the day.