Inför årets Canyon Enduro Sprint tänkte vi prata lite med några av deltagarna från i fjol som nu kommer tillbaka till Falun för årets tävling. Först ut i den här serien är vinnaren av enduroserien 2014 Neil Arnold från Uppsala. Neil driver tillsammans med hustrun Helena cykelbutiken/-verkstaden Velotek/Hjulhuset och har sannolikt försett stora delar av startfältet med hjul från brittiska Hope där han har ett förflutet.
Bilden på Neil kommer från fjolårets tävling och är tagen av Hans Berggren (

Vad roligt att du kommer tillbaka och cyklar i Falun i år igen. Hur upplevde du fjolårets tävling - är det några särskilda minnen som hänger sig kvar?
Falun I think was the first time I'd ridden my bike down any sort of hill last year (living in Uppsala we're not blessed with that sort of thing!) So riding upto stage 1 and standing under the Ski jump looking down was a nice memory. The first run down the hill wasn't something I want to remember though! It takes a few runs to get the feeling back!

I fjol vann du både enduroserien och ett veteran-guld på downhill-SM (på samma cykel). Vad har du för planer för årets säsong - finns det egentligen något sätt att toppa det?
Podium at an XC? (most probably not!) Yes, it was a bit surprising. I didn't have any expectations at all last year. I'd not ridden so much since moving to Sweden and the Enduro series was just meant as a bit of fun and getting some coverage for the shop. The downhill was a good run really, pleased to do so well on my little #Enduro bike and not be that far behind the top fast boys. DH is more my early background and it was really fun to be back riding in anger again. Not bad for an oldie! The Enduro was more about being consistent and riding well all the time. I have to thank Robin (Wallner) though for not turning upto the last event really - as he clearly was the fastest rider all season! But as the (english saying?!) goes - "you have to be in it to win it"!

Jag har läst att du tidigare varit mekaniker åt brittiska cykelförbundet. Med den bakgrunden, hur många verktyg packar du ner ryggsäcken inför ett svenskt endurolopp? Var drar du gränsen för vad som går att fixa i skogen?
Last year I think I carried everything in my backpack that I carry with me on my normal rides! That basically means way too much! I probably had 3kg in the bag with a bit of water. I only had 2 issues last year - a big tear on the tyre that the tubeless couldn't fix, the other a destroyed wheel after losing my chain in Åre (near the final stage finish fortunately) so I was able to get away quite easily. This season, I'll be packing less in my new USWE backpack. Essentials only. Tube, Co2, Multi tool, fluid and food. Probably some zip ties and tape for the big repairs

It's hard out on the trail as to what you can fix. 'Most' things can be McGuyvered to get you back home, but to keep running at race pace might be a step too far. I think this is all part of the fun of Enduro. You can't ride it like a DH race and just commit to everything, you've got the chance to ride within your limits and be kind to the bike.

I'd like to see timed transport as well (sorry organisers!) to make sure people think about getting around the whole race in one piece and within a time which is under a bit of pressure. No heading off back to the car park to fix a puncture with all the toolbox available. It should be out on the trail with muddy tyre levers and rusty tools!

If I've jinxed my chances this year by saying all this and my XTR Di2 gets snapped off in the woods - I'll know where to come looking!....

Tusen tack Neil! Välkommen tillbaka till Falun och lycka till i årets lopp!